i just want to quietly collect up my cavalry

eventually, even the stars burn out.

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I feel a hunger.
basti;Fußball Got
i c o n s
[001-028] Football - Real Madrid v Deportivo

Please credit if taking! :)

aww #21 :') taking a bunch <3 i will credit THANKS!

I had to include at least one icon of him in honor of his debut! :) Thank you!!

these are stunning. i'm taking #28 & i'll definitely credit! :)

Love the Pipita ones
and aww, 21 :')

LOL nice icon there. ;)


Lovely icons!

Taking #15, #17 and #19! :) Will definitely credit!

taking a bunch, especially of pipita!

they're so gorgeous, thanks :)

Edited at 2010-10-04 07:15 am (UTC)

These are awesome, totally worth remembering how to format icon posts again for ;)
You'll be surprised to hear I'm taking some of the pipita ones and some of the group ones too.

Hehehe, I cheated and used an icon table generator. ;)

I'd only be surprised if I had made icons of Albiol and you didn't take them. :p

Beautiful! Will snag some and give credit. That game was just beyond awesome!

i love the icons, great work <33

These are so awesome! I'm taking #8 and will credit, thanks!

taking number 4! thanks :D

Nice icons.
Love #13 & #14 ♥.

(Deleted comment)
juan carlosssss <3
do you have the original photo of that by any chance? :O

Gorgeous ones <3 As always ! :D

I love the colouring on these. Taking #4 :]

OMG they're gorgeous <3 <3 I *adore* the colouring!!
I'm taking all of them, will credit of course ;)

Lovely icons from an excellent game! I took a bunch and I'll credit when I use them.

Thank you! (and yes it was an amazing game!)

these are amazing! taking 4 and 28 <3 tyyy

Thank you and enjoy! ♥ :)

DEFINITELY taking some of these. The rain makes it so much better <3

♥ The rain most definitely does! And enjoy. :D

Beautiful icons bb! took a few and will of course credit :)

You're welcome and enjoy! :)

these are lovely! might take!

Aw thank you! :) Hope you enjoy!!


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