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Fouls, fouls, fouls
basti;Fußball Got
A play by play of fouls committed by both sides in today's match.

0:53 Arbeloa falls, challenge by Pedro
1:11 Villa purposely kicks the ball away from RM players after he was called out of bounds
2:15 Keita fouls Lass by bumping into him from behind
2:30 Lass falls, no call, gets back up
4:12 Keita pushes Ramos who was trying to win a header
4:17 referee finally calls a foul, Barca players immediately swarm him
5:27 Pedro dives, no call
6:17 Keita goes after the ball, gets his legs tangled up with Ramos’, Ramos goes down, foul called
7:40 Pedro fouls Arbeloa as they both fight over the ball (he kicks Arbeloa’s foot from behind, but both were pushing and shoving each other)
10:57 Busquets fouled by Lass, foul called but on the replay it shows that Lass went for the ball (outside of Lass’ boot kicks the ball away as Busquets falls, but his boot may have caught Busquets a little)
12:00 Lass bumps into Villa from behind, no foul called, Villa stays on feet and complains
12:22 Lass’ boot clips Xavi from behind, Xavi falls, foul called
13:35 – 14:17 Barcelona passes 14 times in their own half and does nothing with the ball
15:08 Messi may or may not have tripped Pepe, Pepe falls, no foul called
16:38 – 16:45 Busquets and Pique pass back and forth to each other 5 times
16:58 Villa falls down after 3 RM players defend against him, no foul called
23:39 Marcelo jumps over Villa to head the ball out of bounds, both fall, no foul called
25:02 Lass dives after a challenge by Puyol, no foul called
26:50 Ozil runs straight into Masche, falls, no foul called, gets up right after
28:30 Pepe pushes Alves a little (barely), Alves falls down, foul called
31:36 Pique jumps over Ozil to win header, no foul called
31:53 Villa hand ball, no call
32:29 Arbeloa steamrolls over Pedro by leaning too hard on him, Pedro falls, foul called
33:27 Busquets with a dangerous challenge, foul called (studs were too high)
34:39 Marcelo falls (perhaps dived), foul called on Masche – can’t tell if Masche’s boot caught Marcelo or not
35:35 Pedro falls down (off the ball action) by running into Arbeloa, looked up for a foul
36:03 Di Maria dives, Alves called for the foul, there was no contact
37:44 Ozil pushes Alves (who has the ball) foul called & at the same time, Pedro falls, running straight into Arbeloa again, (38:35 – 38:49) absolutely no contact with his face but he goes down clutching his face like Busquets – Arbeloa gets a yellow (39:10)
43:34 Marcelo makes contact with Busquet’s chest (shoves him a little) Busquets goes down clutching his nose/face and he just stays on the pitch, rolling around, no foul called
43:38 Di Maria falls, foul by Alves, who is carded – not much contact

HT: I still don’t really know what happened with Pinto as the teams went into the tunnel (but apparently he slapped Arbeloa?) Yes he did slap Arbeloa... what a cunt. Video here, look at 0:10

45:43 Lass runs into Messi, falls
46:45 Xabi steals the ball from Xavi, Xavi spins and then falls
47:12 Adebayor brought down by Masche, no foul called
49:00 Lass called for a foul on Villa during a challenge for a header
50:59 Pepe bumps (pushes) into Alves from behind, called for the foul as Alves falls, Pepe then kicks the ball away
52:24 Lass brings down Keita from behind, foul called, Barca goes on with it and doesn’t stop or wait for Keita who is still on the ground
52:38 Ramos body checks Messi who easily goes down, Ramos is then carded. Then at 53:10 Messi is shown on the replay to have elbowed Ramos’ legs as Ramos walks by him
53:37 Someone was pushed down in the box by Keita, foul called
54:51 Marcelo called for a foul on Alves when Alves really just ran into him by himself (55:03)
56:04 Masche carded for a stray boot that comes into contact with Pepe’s ankle (it was a foul but Pepe rolled around too much)
57:23 Busquets falls down, Adebayor clipped his heels, foul called
59:07 Pedro dives in the box as Marcelo cleanly gets the ball, Pedro complains afterward (59:49)
59:16 Masche called for a foul on Adebayor
60:14 Pepe red card for absolutely no contact on Alves, Alves dives and rolls on the pitch, clutching his leg/ankle, Alves is then stretchered off the pitch and seconds later, he’s waiting to be waved back on the pitch
63:33 Keita brings down Ramos, foul called
64:19 Puyol brings down Ronaldo by bumping into him (not really a foul, but it’s called)
67:12 Pedro is down in the box – Marcelo did step on him, but it was not intentional – and after he falls, a Barca player does come up to him, trying to pull him back up
71:47 Villa runs into Lass, their legs get tangled somewhat, foul called on Lass
72:15 Messi called for a foul against Ronaldo, both were up in the air
73:21 Pique brings down Ronaldo, foul called (legs stretched out and tried to go for the ball but caught Ronaldo instead and brought him down)
74:41 Adebayor’s hands a little too high, ends up hitting Puyol in the face, foul called
77:05 Di Maria runs straight into Alves, foul called on Alves – much like how basketball players are called for blocking
77:54 Keita goes down, Adebayor called for the foul
79:12 Foul on Ronaldo (not quite sure who)
79:52 Messi runs right into Albiol and knocks him down, foul called
81:22 Messi falls by slipping in the box, tries to keep possession of the ball as he’s still on the ground, and he actually grabs the ball, foul called on Messi, should have been a yellow for the intentional handball
82:00 Adebayor hits Busquets in the face, foul called
85:53 Xavi falls down after Lass clips his ankles, foul called
88:12 Messi falls down after barely being touched by Xabi, foul called
91:03 Messi slide tackles Ramos, foul called
91:19 Adebayor fouls Keita, foul called (was trying to win a header)

Make your own judgments.

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This makes me so unbelievably angry. I mean it was a dirty match to watch, but when you take note of every instance. Hrrrrrrrghghhghghggh

46:45 Xabi steals the ball from Xavi, Xavi spins and then falls

This made me lol though.

IDK, for me... it was cathartic and eye-opening.

LOL Xavi was very good at the spinning and falling part. ;)

How so?

He should audition for the Blaugrana Swan!

Well... because it was interesting to see how many times we fouled compared to them and also funny to see how easily they fell when we barely made contact. :p And I was surprised to see which Barcelona players were the ones committing the most fouls.


Ohhhhhhhh. MOSTLY THAT JUST MAKES ME ANGRY AND MAKES ME WANT TO SHAKE EVERY JOURNO IN THE WORLD. lmfao I remember actually seeing the "Marcelo" foul when Biscuits went down and I was like ......... pretty sure Marcelo didn't even get near yr face bro..................... :|

tbh though, I don't understand why Di Maria dives as much as he does. I love him, personally, bc I think he's an incredible player, but ffs his diving is horrific. There's really no need for it. Although I guess he's strangely good at getting PKs out of them.......... idek.

LOL Marcelo's foul on Busquets... I was expecting Busquets to go down clutching his face, tbh. He did that last year against Inter and got a player sent off, so... it's nothing new. :p It's just pathetic that he resorts to it.

And speaking of Di Maria... I find it pathetic for him to dive as much as he does. I'm sure he's a lovely person, but next to Adebayor, he's one of my least favorite players because of his diving. :( Cris used to dive a lot too, but now he's stopped and I love him. :p Di Maria needs to stop so I can love him too. LOL PKs... he's the player that provokes the most, no? ;)

lmfao it reminded me of the World Cup when ... who was it, Drogba? Like ran into Kaka and then got Kaka sent off. lol oh football............

YEAH it gets really hard to defend him when all he does is dive constantly. It's so dumb though imo bc he plays soooooooo well and creates such great opportunities and assists and HHHHHHHH kid needs to stop getting a big head and mature a little. :\ LMFAO YES he dives so much, at least he's good at it.

LOL was it Drogba? I don't remember because I didn't watch Brazil - I really only watched Germany (and sometimes Spain). But I do remember Kaka being wrongly sent off in one of the matches during the WC.

Honestly, I think it's gotten worse. :( He didn't dive this much at the beginning of the season. And... what do you mean "at least he's good at it"? D: We shouldn't be happy that our players are good at diving - that's for Barcelona. We need to stop them from diving.

PRETTY SURE IT WAS DROGBA. It was the dumbest call. Kaka was literally standing there and Drogba ran into him and then Kaka got a red.....................

NO HAHAHAHAH I mean he's really good at getting yellows/pks out of his diving IT'S WEIRD. I agree, his diving needs to be stopped idk why Mou hasn't yelled at him about it......

GTFO with your logical assessment, you do not take sainthood into account.

I HAD TO BE LOGICAL. I didn't want to be a cule. ;)

This is really great! Thanks for taking the time to do this, it will definitely come in handing. Bookmarking this page♥

This is awesome. Thank you.

smh That is just ridiculous.

Girl, you have the patience of a saint. I could not have watched that game again. I would rage all over the place and wake my parents.

Thank you for doing this.

You're welcome! :)

Haha, I needed to - it was... weirdly relieving to rewatch it and scrutinize both teams for mistakes/fouls. At times it did upset me, like when Pedro dived, when Pepe was sent off, when Busquets dived... but it was also interesting to see which players on each team were playing dirty.

Hi it's kikiki321 from twitter, Thank You for this. I know that diving, acting, fouling in general is actually an art performed in all team sports and there are certain positions where it is more important to draw fouls, especially in the box.

Your list confirms my memory (basically). The Barca players have the right to try this tactic, just don't try to call it beautiful football. It was a cynical display of anti-football which they were stressed into because Mourinho's tactics were working.

I don't remember who on twitter posted this video http://youtu.be/--iUJ3Z8lBc it shows clearly, as you said, that Pepe had no contact with alves yet, as Verses said he was carded for intent.

The problem here seems 2fold to me. 1. Barca have the reputation of saints, which they are not. The extreme level of diving, whining & acting takes away from their actual excellent talent and harm their reputation to real students of the game. Fortunately (for them) most fans are bandwagoners or follow the media swell. 2. That the match was so tarnished, that the competition is tarnished is the FAULT OF THE OFFICIALS & whoever/whatever directs them.FULL STOP. It was the officials decision to red card Pepe with no contact, when, especially in a tournament of this magnitude a yellow would have sufficed. I agreee with Mou. The question I would love to have answered honestly is WHY. WHY? It will never be answered honestly.

Real Madrid has been reduced to 10 men each time they play Barca, yet your play by play shows a different story.

Over and over again this happens. I just wonder if Pep will leave Barca next year so he can leave unblemished, not having to take the blame when we hit our stride & their winnning streak ends.

Sorry for the rant & thank you so much once again! :)

You're welcome! :)

I have to agree with you - especially about the beautiful football part. There are many different tactics in football - some prefer defensive football, others don't and really... who is to define what "beautiful football" truly is? The bottom line is that Barcelona did not play beautiful football today - and neither did Real Madrid, but... Messi's two goals were great and deserved. But Barcelona as a team did not play beautifully.

1. Barcelona can do no wrong, apparently. I don't really know what else to say. It's just the way it is and there's nothing we can do about it. We just have to accept it and try to beat them the right way. LOL bandwagoners... yes. Well Barca can have them, we don't need the fake fans.

2. I don't want to say anything about the referee, what's done is done.

LOL I can't wait for Pep to leave Barca (should that happen... and it is likely), I can't wait for Barca's "reign" to be over.

Thank you for your comment. :)

Back again! A bit calmer today,but one more point about Messi's goal - He's a tremendous talent, but I am nauseated by the pundits jizzing on&on about these particular goals. You know what, a lot of players get gorgeous goals, even golazos, but when they come after this bullshit, lopsided penalization then no, just no. Messi scoring on 10 men who have just lost the player key to their strategy AND their manager is not really a fappworthy situation. What was fappworthy was us equalizing - scoring on Barca with (once again) only 10 men! :D. But the media want to make their money. And losing teams always complain about officials, but after the WC & displays like yesterday its clear something has to change - not that it will! Smh that deJong gets a yellow for karate-kicking the shit out of Xabi, to preserve the equality of players on the pitch in a major tournament - yet a Champions League semi final can be turned into an absolute joke of a circus. It's disgusting. On that note, thanks again & hope you have an absolutely fabulous day! :D

43:34 Marcelo makes contact with Busquet’s chest (shoves him a little) Busquets goes down clutching his nose/face and he just stays on the pitch, rolling around, no foul called

No words. jfc

I love how he first clutches at his chest and then decides it's not enough so he clutches his nose instead.

I can only hope we get them by miracle on the return leg, if not next season & pic for a chuckle:

Very sad for our players. Xabi was so eloquent, he's breaking my heart.

Xabi's comments made me sad. :(

SOOOOOOOOO don't want to watch this game now.

Don't watch it unless you want to be irrationally angry for the rest of the night/day. :( Or unless you're pessimistic.

As someone who was on the receiving end of some VERY dubious referee'ing decisions in 2009, I find it easy to suscribe to the notion that referees favour Barfa. Even more so having watched the game yesterday. NEVER a red.

I think Mourinho brought up that game in his post-match conference. :( It's always the same story with Barca. It's kind of getting old but what can we do?

Yeah, they mentioned that! Although tbh most of the post-match over here was fapping over Messi's second goal. Which was very good, but like. The Barcelona machiavellian tactics were pretty much brushed under the carpet. Hmmm.

Granted, Messi was the only one playing football in the match with his two goals - but his goals weren't fap-worthy. Better goals have been scored, heck, Messi himself has scored better goals than the ones he scored last night. Barcelona can do no evil. ;) Of course no one would discuss their tactics. :pp


Bookmarking this page, you are wonderful for putting this together


Awww, thank you!

Following you. :D

(lol late comment)

Grrrr!!! I hate Barca so much! And their stans who think they're all angels and can do no wrong. Cheaters!
Barca probably took training from these ppl

My hate for them grows with each clásico.

The fact that people are still defending their actions in this game - along with what Busquets obviously said - is disgusting. They need to open their eyes, but there are just some who refuse to see the truth. But lol, that video!

distira pointed me to this entry and I - well, I can't say I enjoyed reading this because there's absolutely nothing to enjoy about, but it was definitely very interesting to read. I suppose this demonstrates clearly that Barcelona aren't the saints they always claim to be. (And before anyone says anything: Real Madrid are no saints either, but they never claimed to be in the first place.) Most importantly, though, this should show people that a Clásico doesn't automatically equal "good football". In fact, there was barely little time for football with all that stupid fouling and play-acting and the ganging up on the referees and everything. *sigh* Oh, and the next person who tells me that I should admire Barcelona for playing such "beautiful football" shall get a kick in the face from me. Honestly, what's beautiful about getting completely frustrated because your opponent's defensive tactics work out? What a shame.

Trust me, it wasn't enjoyable to watch or take notes on either. ;) But I did it because I wanted to see just how much Barcelona fouled and how much we fouled. Earlier today a cule said to me that the cards/sendings offs we received over the course of these past clásicos were because we played a more physical, defensive style... and I do agree with that because our line-up could have been a lot more offensive with our four healthy forwards, but then I refuted with: the fact of the matter is that Barcelona fouls just as much, if not more than we do - as evidenced by this post - and they don't claim to play "physical, defensive football" they claim to play "beautiful football"... so why all the fouls? :p Obviously there was nothing she could respond with to that.

TBH, the football I've seen played in all the clásicos have been ugly. Really, really ugly from both sides. People (*coughs* XAVI *coughs*) who say that there was "beautiful football" need to get their eyes checked.

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